Sunday, March 01, 2009

D.I.Y. Project: State Your Necklace! :)

I do nothing this weekend so I spent my time makin a statement necklace. It's facile to do :D
What you need:

Random bandanna, old bangles, lace/tape, glue and scissors.

This's how it done.

But I think it's a bit weird so I improved on the tape by mingling my old vintage necklace.


By the way, I have my new bangles from the rest of the construction necklace :D


hotpad said...

you're so creative. I never thought to make a necklace from bangles before.
and it done very well :)
I linked you!!

janefrommars said...

that's impressive

theliciousgum said...

woo... really creative. :)
love it!

Catherine Viriya said...

itu custom made dari perbanas, yang dibelakang setiabudi gitu, lo tinggal bawa design trus pilih material yang dia punya trus 2minggu kemudian jadi deeeh, adiktif abiss,gw mau buat lagi,haha you should try!

shea said...


Gabby Hakim said...

super kreatif!

tis serendipity said...

WOWW these are really really great! =D You're so creative! I love how you wrapped the fabric around the bangles and put 3 of them together to make such a cool statement necklace. Very nice.

Fenny Wong said...

this is creatively inspiring --

i should made some to match my DIY sewing projects

Ashford said...

wow.. great idea. I love how you used the chain from the one necklace and then made bangles out of the rest!

teeta said...

rawk !! thx y sist..

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