Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's great to have pen-pals

Shea from My Amethyst send me these cute stuffs! Thank you :)
Fabulous stuffs!

Thanks! <3


shea said...

Am so glad u liked them! hopefully u dont think the prezzies are a bit tacky 0.o sorry if so,yah? nway,luv you too babe!!

n yeah,happy belated belated birthday! :)

faizz said...

widih yang baru dapet gift. kok gak ada yang ngasih gue juga yah???????

Dominica said...

The glasses are sooo stylish (have the same haha- What a good friend you have ....enjoy the package !

CHIC Sensibility... said...

Wow that's great. You're so lucky. I'm even inspired by the packing of the items and the letter. So cute.
Stay chic!

Mira Maulia said...

Shea: yay!! thanks! they're not tacky, they're

faizz: lol. btw, mau dong rancangannyaaaa :D

Dominica: yeah, she's really a good friend :)

CHIC Sensibility: uh huh, thanks!!

theKcloset said...

Ah I LOVE pen pals. I live in the US and have a couple in Italy, etc. I'd love to send you some cute little american items sometime - let me know!

Iqa Rasol said...

hepy belated bday mira.
shea's my sis..hehe..*glad2;)

Vintage Tea said...

Isn't it great to receive parcels from blog friends!

Victoria x

PS Thank you for visiting my blog.

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